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Best Viral Campaign Ads of 2010

Time, in partnership with cnn
September 19, 2010

Politicians are always starved for attention, and in this YouTube era, nothing attracts eyeballs like a good viral video. As election season heats up, TIME takes a look at some of the campiest, craziest and creepiest campaign ads of the year.

Campaign Ads Gone Viral:
Listen Up: Dale Peterson Is No Dummy
Old Spice Dan
Dwight McKenna"s Monstrosity
How to Speak Alabaman
Carly Fiorina"s Postmodern Masterpiece
Rick Barber"s Revolution
John McCain and the "Danged Fence"
A Clean Campaign
Billy the Bailer
Alan Grayson: Coming to a Theater Near You?
Tommy Gun Gorman
Of Mama Grizzlies and Pink Elephants
The Terrible Twos
Hayworth the Huckster
A November to Remember
Mike, Mike, Mike Weinstein
Tattooing Crist
Worst President, Best Ad
On the Job with Tom Perriello
Dan Fanelli"s Skewed Views