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It's "Mourning in America"

Mark Tapscott
Washington Examiner Editorial Page Editor
September 21, 2010

Mention "Morning in America" or "Citizens for the Republic" to a Reagan veteran and their eyes are likely to light up with bright memories of the star TV commercial of the 1984 re-election campaign, and the Citizens for the Republic (CFTR) foundation that kept Reagan's name in the lights between the 1976 and 1980 campaigns.

In vivid contrast to the optimistic, uplifting tone and temper of the 1984 original, the new "Mourning in America" also seeks to capture the prevailing spirit of the times, which in the Obama era means unemployment, worries about economic and national security, and fears that the next generation won't have the same kind of nation the Baby Boomers have enjoyed.

"Unlike the Reagan ad about a bright future under his leadership, this new ad is about failed leadership, about a government growing out of control, about a government taking away our ability to make important choices," CFTR executive vice president Bill Pascoe said. "It's about an America that's suffering because of the failed policies and failed leadership of President Obama – and reminding Americans that they can change that with their vote on November 2."

The current times are remarkable like those that greeted Reagan on his inauguration in 1981, according to Pascoe.

"Inflation and interest rates were sky high, the economy was lagging, and around the world it seemed as if we had a 'kick me' sign on our back. But under Ronald Reagan's leadership – and with the kind of pro-freedom, pro-growth policies he enacted with bipartisan support – America turned the corner, and came back strong. The 'Better, Prouder, Stronger' ad succeeded in the 1984 campaign, and became one of the greatest political ads of all time, because it so brilliantly captured the zeitgeist of the age," he said.

"Take heart, America," Pascoe said. "With the right kind of leadership, and the right kind of policies, America can come back. Ronald Reagan proved that."

You can view the ad below: